We Raised Over $3.8 Million in 2020 and Conducted Major Voter Outreach.

We are most proud of our efforts in Georgia, both for the General Election and the Runoffs. 

31st Street Swing Left 2021 Approach:

Laying the Groundwork for 2022 

While we are still considering priorities for 2021, some things are clear:

  • 2022 will be crucial for US Senate, US House, Governorships, and State Legislatures.

  • Keying in on US Senate Races brings into focus: PA, WI, NC and GA

  • Experience in the GA runoffs as well as the 2020 general election in WI, demonstrates the importance of year-round local work.

Thus we are very likely to support local groups in these key states.

And that could include both grass roots groups and the Democratic Party.

Virginia 2021 Elections

Meanwhile we have State Elections in Virginia in 2021 including all House of Delegate seats as well as the Statewide offices.

We will plan to support selected House of Delegate races as opportunities arise.

Special Elections

We monitor special elections occurring across the country throughout the year to identify strategic ones to support – both local and Federal, that are within our “sweet spot” of winnable but not shoo-ins.  Local races can have national impact if they offer advancement toward legislative control or offer other advantages. Special elections are often “under the radar,” with short lead times, little attention, and low voter turnout and early support with relatively  small amount can make a deciding difference.

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