We canvassed and raised over $100,000 to help launch the Blue Wave in Virginia in 2017, over $1 Million in 2018 to help win the US House, and over $300,000 for the successful VA Legislature capture in 2019.

31st Street Swing Left 2020 2 Pillar Bottom-up Strategy

Recognizing 2020 will be an Ultra-turnout, highly polarized election 

  • Voter registration through support to effective on-the-ground organizations and selective direct boots-on-the-ground efforts 

  • Selective state legislature races with potential to flip a legislature, where local efforts can significantly t help statewide US Senate and Presidency efforts through a "power up" or“reverse coattails” effect.


State priorities are North Carolina, Iowa and PA.


Later in the election cycle, Covid guidance permitting, we will  undertake more traditional voter outreach, especially canvassing, with an emphasis on low-turnout voters.


We will remain alert to opportunities that may arise for races where our support may provide significant leverage.




The 2020 high profile involves powerful forces. We seek out strategic high-leverage opportunities.  Key underlying points:


  • Thankfully, Dem donors are supporting strongly virtually any race that is high visibility.

  • The Presidency will be decided in battleground states, but the Dem nominee will have a huge amount of money, and any direct money from us will have negligible effect.

  • The US Senate is particularly important, with a narrow path to the 4 seats needed. Best opportunities: Maine, North Carolina, Iowa, Colorado Montana and Arizona. Senate Races will also generally be well funded.

  • We are very secure in retaining a solid majority in the US House.  We have excellent prospects of flipping at least 3 seats and Dem incumbents are already very well-funded.

  • In state legislature races, relatively small amounts of money can make a huge difference, especially early on. Supporting such races can provide significant help to statewide elections through “reverse coattails” effect.

  • Voter registration, especially directed toward youth, persons of color and single women offers major impact opportunity, especially early on, compared to traditional persuasion and turnout voter outreach in the high-profile 2020 environment.  

  • We have limited bandwidth and need to concentrate on a few key states.

Special Elections

We monitor special elections occurring across the country throughout the year to identify strategic ones to support – both local and Federal, that are within our “sweet spot” of winnable but not shoo-ins.  Local races can have national impact if they offer advancement toward legislative control or offer other advantages. Special elections are often “under the radar,” with short lead times, little attention, and low voter turnout and early support withrelatively  small amount can make a deciding difference.

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