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The Fight Against MAGA Media

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It's time for Democratic activists to take on the propaganda of the

right-wing media that cripples our efforts to save democracy. 

Extensive evidence indicates local news is key to creating

a healthier media environment and its increasing scarcity

has had dire political consequences.









This initiative focuses on ways that the grassroots can support projects that complement local news by extending the reach of honest journalism. Doing so will create a media ecosystem that is less hospitable to disinformation.

Fighting the MAGA Media: Mobilizing the Grassroots

 April 26, 2013

Youtube of this initiative's first event and a Call to Action

To receive an invitation to upcoming events, sign up here.

Our analysis identifies 3 major arenas of action:

Note that projects listed in the three arenas below can vary considerably in scale and no significance should be inferred from their order of listing.

  1. Competitive
    These are organizational efforts providing honest and often progressive-leaning content. These efforts call for financial support
    A good example is Courier Newsroom.We see this arena as highest priority for 31st Street Swing Left.
    Click here for detailed descriptions.


  2. Reactive/Disruptive
    These organizations organize direct responses by individuals/groups to counter instances of disinformation and/or equip individuals to assess the validity of information. Sometimes characterized as "getting
    louder" or becoming information warriors. A good example is DemCast
    Click here for detailed descriptions.


  3. Structural/Legal
    Goals are changes in the legal
    environment or economic conditions
    that foster misinformation.
    A good example is UnFoxMyCableBox.
    Click here for detailed descriptions.

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