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Honest Media Against Right-Wing Propaganda in PA:

Support Courier Newsroom's Project to

Make Facts Reverberate Statewide

Our 1st Fundraiser of 2024 was a success: we raised over $120,000 for Courier's "Content Organizing"







Pro-democracy messaging rarely achieves a drumbeat that embeds itself in voters’ minds; Republican disinformation achieves that kind of drumbeat with frustrating regularity due to the echo chamber of right-wing media outlets. This right-wing messaging advantage -- purposely cultivated by Republicans over the years --  is one of the reasons our Democratic success stories don't resonate widely despite incredible achievements.


Courier’s creation of a drumbeat (called “Content Organizing”) can achieve “surround sound” effects for powerful pro-democracy facts that can motivate more Pennsylvanians to vote their values by voting for Democrats. 

By orchestrating rounds of pro-democracy news over media channels -– especially  channels reaching younger people -– Courier News can reach even the most news-phobic voter. For example, for months following a Courier news story about the 2023 PA State Supreme Court election, Courier created a drumbeat for a truthful message voters found very compelling and that helped elect the pro-abortion rights candidate: “You can’t trust Carolyn Carluccio on abortion -- she's hiding her actual anti-choice views.”

31st Street raised over $120,000 and Courier is now hiring a full-time, PA-dedicated “Content Organizer” to help ensure that pro-democracy news reverberates statewide from early in 2024 until November's Election Day.

 More information HERE on Courier Newsroom and how Content Organizing increases its impact.


Over 2023, 31st St. offered two programs about the problems created when both the audiences for and outlets providing honest news are shrinking while right-wing propaganda outlets continue to grow.​ We looked for projects DOING something about this critical problem that is distorting our politics and impacting the capacity of Democrats to win elections over truly unworthy opponents. 

Videos of our two programs (Fighting the MAGA Media and Honest Media) are available below. Courier Newsroom figured in both, laying the ground for our first fundraiser of 2024 (described above) for what we have found to be the most innovative and impressive part of Courier operations. 



 Note that the plenary session recording runs until minute 34 and the remaining recording focuses on Courier Newsroom’s "Content Organizing" (and a few minutes of Honest Media takeaways).


Honest Media invite graphic - speakers.png

Watch the Video of Fighting the MAGA Media: Mobilizing the Grassroots (click on graphic below)
















On April 26th, Dan Pfeiffer (Pod Save America) and Tara McGowan (Courier Newsroom) delivered inspiration to close to 500 activists in a program organized by 31st St. and 26 other grassroots organizations and Democratic Party clubs. 



Actions you can take now, on your own to fight MAGA media:

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