Some Thoughts on Group Organization

Every group needs to find its own organizational style, but outlining the tasks and roles 31st Street has found productive may suggest ideas that work for your group.

The overall leader of 31st St. takes on these tasks on the schedule noted:

General: Field communications and direct to appropriate members; serve as a general clearinghouse for information, notices of events, questions; coordinate efforts for events such as fundraisers, including arranging for guest speakers.

Weekly: Chat at least once and email several times with other members of the leadership team about priorities for fundraising and the status of fundraising.

Every other week: Convene conference calls with leadership team; send out call summary.

Monthly: Arrange for monthly meetings: identify meeting site (a member’s home), communicate with host about logistics; plan agenda; collect RSVPs; lead general meeting; send out meeting summary.

Twice yearly: Organize and lead leadership team retreats; send out retreat summary.


31st St. has found that many other leadership roles help maintain our group’s momentum. The diagram below provides an overview of possible leadership roles for your group. (Possible roles relating to fundraising and canvassing in particular are described more fully in our Guides.) Depending on the size of your group, the time members have available, and the intensity of your efforts, you might consider asking members to volunteer to make sure that important complementary tasks such as on-boarding new members (Membership Leader), arranging video calls with candidates (Tech Leader) and organizing fundraising events (Event Planner) are handled. 


We’d be happy to provide more information on any roles and their tasks.

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