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31st Street Swing Left

Meet Our Current Priority Candidates


Lindsey Doherty HD 62

Lindsey is a budget analyst, community advocate and mother. She learned first-hand the importance of medical care coverage when her son Grayson was diagnosed with a serious life-long medical condition. Her experience in local government including as a budget analyst has given her invaluable knowledge on key issues and on how to make government work better, including bringing people together to solve problems.

Her key issues are healthcare, education, government efficiency and criminal justice reform.

The 62nd was only narrowly lost in 2017 but  is now an open seat which has also benefitted from redistricting. Lindsey showed her campaigning ability in her victory in a highly competitive primary. But the primary consumed considerable resources and she needs support now to get her campaign well on track.


Karen Mallard HD 84

Karen has always fought to improve the lives of people in her community. At age 11 she and her father helped combat a polluting sewage treatment plant in her native Wise County. Her major passion has been education, as a reading specialist and VP of the Virginia Education Association, as well as a variety of other political and community service activities.

Her key issues are protecting Medicaid expansion and increasing access to quality healthcare, full-day kindergarten and school funding, and protecting VA Beach from climate change.

Karen's is truly a toss-up district but she is a strong, vibrant and tireless campaigner. Her opponent is too extreme and out of touch. He voted 4 times against Medicaid expansion and opposed the ERA.  Supporting her now will be especially effective. 


Sheila Bynum-Coleman HD 66

Sheila is a small businesswoman and community leader with strong roots in Chesterfield County. In 2017 she came surprisingly close to defeating an intrenched Republican opponent.  With redistricting, Sheila's new district is now decisively weighted toward Democrats. And her new opponent is Kirk Cox the Speaker of the House and a perennial roadblock to enlightened legislation.

Sheila's key legislative priorities are Education, Criminal Justice Reform, the E.R.A., Gun Safety and a sensible Minimum Wage.

Cox starts with a major funding advantage, so she needs help now to mount an effective campaign, both to win and to constrain Cox to defend his own campaign rather than donate to Republican candidates across the state.


Missy Smasal SD 8

Missy's history of public service includes serving as an officer in the US Navy, deployed during Operation Enduring Freedom. Later in Virginia Beach she owned and operated a small business, employing and mentoring hundreds of local youth. She also has served in a variety of community activities and local Democratic campaigns.  To protect school children, she collected over 2,500 signatures to get local schools locked and with cameras and buzzers installed.

Her key issues are a strong economy, education, protecting the environment, the ERA, gerrymandering and affordable healthcare.

Missy faces a formidable R incumbent, but he is especially vulnerable on land development and the environment.  Donating to her now will help her to win this all-important Senate Seat.


Phil Hernandez HD 100

A native of Hampton Roads, Phil received a Gates Millennium Scholarship to attend William and Mary and study at Oxford. As a Senior Policy Expert in Obama's White House Domestic Policy Council, for nearly 4 years he focused on environment and helped coordinate the response to the BP oil spill.

In law school he developed legislation aimed at preventing homelessness and successfully pushed it through the legislature. As an attorney he worked for a community-serving nonprofit and he serves on a wide range of civic organizations.

Phil is unusually competent, energetic and well organized against a lackluster but entrenched R incumbent. It is vital that he get our support now to mount a strong campaign to turn district 100 blue.


Clinton Jenkins - VA HD 76

Clint Jenkins is an Army veteran, small business owner, and community leader who was raised in the heart of the 76th district. He has been deeply involved in the community for years, volunteering for various local organizations and churches and taking an active role with the Democratic Party, currently serving as the Chair of the 3rd Congressional District for the Democratic Party of VA.

Because of 2019 redistricting, the 76th now has a strong Democratic lean.  But incumbent hard right Republican Chris Jones is very well-funded. Clint needs support now to carry out an effective campaign. 


Wendy Gooditis - VA HD 10

Wendy is a career educator, activist, and community leader. She's fought for universal healthcare, an equal opportunity economy, and competitive public schools. About a week into her first candidacy, Wendy lost her younger brother to mental illness, so she understands firsthand the need for mental health reform and support for working Virginia families. After 25 years in the area and a wide-ranging career in technology, education, and real-estate, Wendy ran for office to ensure that Richmond works for all Virginians.

Wendy won her seat in 2017 in a hard fought race against the hard right incumbent Republican and development lawyer Randy Minchew. However he is challenging her again with a large amount of his own money, and she is considered one of the most vulnerable incumbents. We need to support her to keep this important seat. 


Josh Cole - HD 28

Josh showed his great strength as a campaigner in 2017, when with little support he almost won election in the 28th District, losing by only 73 votes. He has strong roots in Stafford County and serves on a host of community organizations. He is particularly knowledgeable about the Virginia Legislature, having first served as a page in 2005 and with successive jobs there since then.


His progressive priorities range from accessible health care to ERA passage, gun safety and fair elections. Josh needs support now to build a strong campaign infrastructure and allow him time for voter outreach including campaigning in his district


Larry Barnett - HD 27

Larry is a standout among Virginia candidates. As a newcomer running in 2017, he demonstrated his strong campaign capabilities admirably. With little outside support, he came surprisingly close to winning in a district against the favored Republican incumbent, only losing by 128 votes.  


Larry has a strong commitment to better healthcare, education, ERA ratification, women’s reproductive choice, gun safety, better environment and fair redistricting. He has support from key local groups like the Liberal Women of Chesterfield County. He has the experience to conduct an even more effective campaign and to win, but he needs our support now. 


Nancy Guy - HD 83

Nancy is a proven strong campaigner, having twice been elected to the Virginia Beach School Board citywide. She is passionate about strong public schools and as a breast cancer survivor, the need to cover pre-existing conditions.  Other key issues for her are environment, gun safety and reproductive health.

Nancy’s race is critical to winning the VA House of Delegates in 2019. She has an entrenched opponent, but he is vulnerable, especially with impending redistricting which will help her. But Nancy has a crucial need for early funding now to get her campaign seriously underway


Alex Askew - HD 85

Alex has extensive experience working in campaigns at a variety of local, state-wide and national levels. He recently served as a legislative aide in House of Delegates and helped craft legislation including the Ashanti Alert for missing adults and Medicaid expansion. His strong commitment to public service includes serving on boards of key community organizations and mentoring youth through the New Jerusalem Ministries.

The 85th is an open seat currently held by Dem Cheryl Turpin running for State Senate.  So we need to protect this seat to flip the House. Alex has stepped up to the plate to run against extremist R previous incumbent Rocky Holcomb, but Alex needs crucial support now to jump start his campaign properly.


Rodney Willett - VA HD 73

Rodney has spent his career helping Government better serve its citizens. First by working in legal aid as a law student, second by representing local governments as a lawyer and later heading up a public private partnership between the Commonwealth of Virginia and Virginia Interactive - a public interest management and IT firm. Impact Makers gives all its profits to charity and has contributed more than $3 million in support for healthcare, education and housing.

The 73rd is an "open seat" currently held by a Democrat, Debra Rodman who is running for State Senate. So we need to protect this seat to win the House in 2019. Rodney needs our support at this crucial stage to get his campaign properly underway.