Why You Should Support Digital Ad Production for 31st St.’s NC Candidates


The Corona pandemic and the current shutdown of normal campaign activities has only intensified the need for digital ads to introduce candidates on social media.  Digital ads are relatively inexpensive and can be targeted to slices of voters in any given legislative district – low-frequency voters, women voters with children, voters of color, and so on.


In 2019, 31st Street Swing Left members raised a total of $45,000 for Christine Bachman’s  Virginia Matters PAC to fund digital ads for “sweet spot” VA statehouse candidates and our own anti-Trump ad available to any candidate.

Why did we go to Chris Bachman to produce ads?  In years of close work with her in VA, Chris has demonstrated a keen sensitivity to political currents motivating Democratic voters and has a rare capacity to draw out inexperienced but inspiring candidates and produce ads that are graphically and emotionally compelling.  


 Here Chris used an interview of VA House of Delegates candidate Josh Cole filmed in June 2019 with 31st St. support to roll out an ad months later. It won Chris the national Campaigns & Elections 2020 Reed Award for Best Online Video Under 30 Seconds (Democrat).


The 31st St. NC digital ad strategy fits hand in glove with our direct campaign support of a slate of “sweet spot” House and Senate candidates.  Due to overlap of three candidates in the slate with areas of NC in which You Can Vote has been active, it also works in concert with our support of voter registration.  We aim to have our initiatives in NC work in concert, with the total greater than the sum of the parts.

In a first phase of a digital ad initiative, 31st St. proposes to raise funds adequate to produce the following:

  • Ten 6-second “name recognition” ads, one for each candidate in the 31st St. NC slate.

  • Ten 30-second “bio” ads, one for each candidate in the slate.

  • One 30-second ad featuring the entire slate that highlights the implications of Democratic victories at the state and federal levels.


In future, 31st St. may recommend donations for a second NC digital ad phase to support ads on topics such as the pandemic and the need for Medicaid expansion, or the pandemic and the need for state-mandated sick leave. 

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