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31st Street Swing Left

Why Supporting On-the-Ground Efforts in North Carolina is so Important

  • NC is a crucial state for statewide and national impact in 2020. The NC US Senate seat is crucial to winning the Senate nationwide. Furthermore, the legislature will be pivotal in US House redistricting after the 2020 Census. Currently those House districts are highly gerrymandered with 10 of 13 Republican incumbents, even though the statewide vote for US House candidates split fairly evenly in 2018, and a Democratic governor was elected that year.  Also in 2018, Dems made major inroads in both legislative chambers and are now within striking distance in both.  NC needs a fairer election environment as witnessed by the NC 9th district scandal.

  • Other advantages in NC are a continuing influx of new arrivals who tend to be progressive, a large proportion of people of color who are likely to turn out in a Presidential year like 2020, and a strong set of local progressive organizations, in part activated in response to heavy-handed Republican tactics.

You Can Vote - A Great Opportunity to Support Tax Deductible Voter Education and Registration Efforts

You Can Vote works throughout NC on voter education, empowerment, and registration.  Based on our extensive research, it appears to be the most effective on-the-ground non-partisan voting-promotion group in NC, with these attractive features:

  • Voter education drives in key places like schools, churches, courthouses, detention centers, festivals.

  • Highly active voter registration.

  • Prioritizes youth, people of color and people in low-wealth zip codes.

  • Strong organizational structure with “captains” and teams of volunteers.

  • Quality training and backup of volunteers.

  • Rapidly growing and expanding into key peri-urban and rural districts.

  • Quantified results. For example, in 2018 had 150,000 1-on-1 conversations and registered 8,381 voters of whom 63% voted vs 53% of all registered NC voters

  • Tax deductible.  You Can Vote is a 501(c)3 organization.