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Why Supporting On-the-Ground Efforts, especially voter registration in North Carolina is so Important

NC is increasingly bluish, as reflected in recent elections. It seemingly offers the best state opportunity for Dem progress in 2020. Including:


  • A key US Senate seat. Incumbent Republican Thom Tillis is rather unpopular.

  • Good potential to take over both houses of the legislature, in part because of court-ordered redistricting.

  • Excellent potential to flip at least 2 US House seats, also because of court-ordered redistricting.

  • Governor’s race.

  • A fat 15 electoral votes for President (vs for example 10 in Wisconsin).  Trump’s approval is underwater by 3% in NC according to Morning Consult, and recent polling shows Biden ahead of Trump by an average of 3.4%. If we can win NC, it would be very difficult for Trump to win in the electoral college.

The NC US Senate seat is particularly strategically important

  • If we win the Presidency, but not the Senate, it will be very difficult to get much of anything accomplished. And key nominations will be stymied.

  • The path to winning the Senate is very narrow, with only about 5 highly contestable seats in play to win the 4 needed (assuming a Dem Vice-President).

  • Many others will be highly focused on the Presidency. Thus focusing on the Senate provides more leverage and bang for the buck.


North Carolina Legislature Slate.


With our "Power Up Strategy" we have supported very significantly a slate of NC legislature candidates. But but that has been so successful, we believe for NC now the best opportunity is our NC Digital Initiative - See our Home Page.  Still, if you want to support the slate of 8 legislature candidates. Here is the link.

You Can Vote - A Great Organization that supports Tax Deductible Voter Education and Registration Efforts

You Can Vote works across NC on voter education, empowerment, and registration.  Based on our investigation, it appears to be the most effective on-the-ground non-partisan voting-promotion group in NC, with these attractive features:

  • Voter education drives in key places like schools, churches, courthouses, detention centers, festivals.

  • Highly active voter registration.

  • Prioritizes youth, people of color and people in low-wealth zip codes.

  • Strong organizational structure with “captains” and teams of volunteers.

  • Quality training and backup of volunteers.

  • Rapidly growing and expanding into key peri-urban and rural districts.

  • Quantified results. For example, in 2018 had 150,000 1-on-1 conversations and registered 8,381 voters of whom 63% voted vs 53% of all registered NC voters

  • Tax deductible.  You Can Vote is a 501(c)3 organization.

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