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31st Street Swing Left

Strategic "Sweetspot" Approach to Selecting Candidates for Donation

We are very selective in choosing candidates. The underlying premise is that the most impact will come from getting the most candidates within effective striking distance for victory. Criteria for candidates include:

  • Those who have a decent shot, but are neither not very highly likely to win, nor highly likely to lose. 

  • Where additional money will make a significant difference.

  • Where donations from others are less likely.

  • Where winning can have a larger strategic advantages such as helping to win Dem control.

  • The strength and appeal of the candidate and their campaign.

  • The strength and characteristics of the opposition.

  • We only get involved pre-primary, when there is a very clear standout Dem.


We are evidence-based in making our selections, using substantial quantitative data. And we maintain close contact with campaigns, and key informants selectively to make informed qualitative judgements.

Realizing early money is by far the most effective, we promote early donations.

Priorities change over the course of an election cycle as campaigns evolve and evidence accumulates. So we update our assessments frequently.