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Our Approach to Strategic Fundraising

Evidence-Based, Peer-to-Peer and Group-to-Group

We raised over $1Million in 2018 for US. House and Senate candidates, and over $300,000 for VA legislature candidates in 2019 were successful.  Key to our approach:

  • Strategic, evidence-base candidate selection. We believe money is most effective for candidates in the "sweetspot" who are neither the most likely nor the least likely to win and who are in particular need of money.  So we painstakingly gather quantitative and qualitative data about the campaigns. Click here to learn more about our approach            and for the current legislature spreadsheet.

  • Peer-to-peer and group-to-group. While we do get involved in fundraiser events and also contribute significantly ourselves, much of our fundraising is peer-to-peer and group-to-group. Many our members reach out to their own contacts to appeal for donations based on our strategic candidate selection. We help our members to do that. Likewise we establish links to other like-minded groups who make use of our candidate selection.

We have developed a Guide to Fundraising and also conduct training on fundraising.

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