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Voter Registration in Key States - Crucial to Ongoing Success

Priority Voter Registration Organizations

There are actually a huge number of worthy organizations conducting voter registration.  ​Here are some we think are particularly effective.

  • You Can Vote.  North Carolina tax deductible non-profit.  Does site-based voter registration and education through volunteers at places like colleges, universities, churches, prisons, low-income neighborhoods, festivals etc. 

  • Field Team 6 - Outstanding voter registration organization working in key battleground states across the country using productive partisan approach.  Contributions to go toward hiring state field director for Iowa, with a US Senate race as well as a good potential for Presidential, US House and state legislature wins.

  • Voter Participation Center.  National tax deductible non-profit conducting registration in key states, especially targeted to unmarried women, people of color and millennials. They emphasize a mail outreach approach.

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