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Voter Registration in Key States - Crucial to Winning in 2020

Priority Voter Registration Organizations

There are actually a huge number of worthy organizations conducting voter registration.  ​Here are some we think are particularly effective.

  • You Can Vote.  North Carolina tax deductible non-profit.  Does site-based voter registration and education through volunteers at places like colleges, universities, churches, prisons, low-income neighborhoods, festivals etc. 

  • Field Team 6 - Outstanding voter registration organization working in key battleground states across the country using productive partisan approach.  Contributions to go toward hiring state field director for Iowa, with a US Senate race as well as a good potential for Presidential, US House and state legislature wins.

  • Voter Participation Center.  National tax deductible non-profit conducting registration in key states, especially targeted to unmarried women, people of color and millennials. They emphasize a mail outreach approach.

Why Registration is So Important, Especially Early On


2020 promises an extremely high-profile, high turnout election scenario. In keeping with 31st Street principles of pursuing opportunistic, high leverage approaches, a key pillar in our bottom-up strategy is supporting voter registration, especially early in select battleground states. Here’s why:


  • More than 30% of voting age adults are not registered, including a high proportion of potentially supportive youth, people of color, and single women.


  • We need to counteract voter suppression efforts through vigorous registration and education efforts.


  • The high-profile election can draw potential voters who usually have little interest in elections and make it more likely that once registered they will actually vote. And they can easily be followed up to encourage actual voting.


  • Democrats tend to move addresses more often than Republicans and need outreach to update their registration.


  • Early support is crucial for registration organizations to build needed infrastructure.


What about outreach to regular swing voters, or low-turnout registered Dems? We will support such efforts selectively, but:


  • The vast majority of regular voters will be solid in their positions and already eager to turn out. Undecided swing voters will be scarce, and effective persuasion of this heterogeneous group is never easy. Also, swing voters will already be bombarded by the major campaigns.


  • Outreach to low-turnout supportive Dems probably offers more pay-off, but only fairly late in the election cycle. And many such voters may turn out of their own accord because of the high visibility 2020 contest.


Voter registration is the key priority to win UP AND DOWN THE BALLOT: Legislatures, US House and Senate races and the Presidency.

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