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Voter Registration in Key States - Crucial to Winning in 2020

Priority Voter Registration Organizations

There are actually a huge number of worthy organizations conducting voter registration.  ​Here are some we think are particularly effective.

  • You Can Vote.  North Carolina tax deductible non-profit.  Does site-based voter registration and education through volunteers at places like colleges, universities, churches, prisons, low-income neighborhoods, festivals etc. 

  • Everybody Votes.  National tax deductible non-profit. Supports a large number of local non-profits that conduct voter registration in key states. especially unmarried women, people of color and millennials.

  • Voter Participation Center.  National tax deductible non-profit conducting registration in key states, especially targeted to unmarried women, people of color and millennials. Their model includes a mail outreach approach.

Why Voter Registration is so Important in 2020, especially early on.


In 2020 there will be 3 categories of potential voters to make the difference:


  1. Lowest priority: Regular and fairly regular undecided voters.  This group will be extraordinarily small. Moreover there will be massive attempts by others to reach them and the ability for us to "persuade" them at the margins will be very limited. 

  2. Medium Priority: Low-turnout but supportive Dems. In an Ultra-turnout context this group is also smaller than usual. But still they represent a sizable group and are generally fairly persuadable to vote, especially via the Anti-Trump message. 

  3. Highest priority: Supporting new voters through voter registration and education in key states. There is substantial potential to enlist new supportive voters through on-the-ground groups dedicated to such work. Moreover, voter registration supports Democrats up and down the ballot.

Moreover, timing is crucial.  Early in the cycle, voter registration is the only very practicable approach. Moreover, highly effective voter registration calls for investment in good infrastructure in advance.  Much later in the cycle, turnout of lower turnout voters and even persuasion of undecided voters makes sense.