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There are many compelling reasons to support the Michigan Dems in collaboration with SPAN - State Party Advancement Network.

Michigan is a Bulwark of the Blue Wall. The Dem Governor, Gretchen Whitmer holds the line against with an extremist Republican Legislature. If we lose Michigan in 2022, our efforts in 2024 for the Presidency are in deep jeopardy.

Our Potential:

●      Re-elect Democrats as Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State

●      Re-elect a Democrat to one MI Supreme Court seat and possibly flip another seat.

●      Protect three U.S. House seats that have been targeted by the GOP:*

○      Dan Kildee MI 05

○      Elissa Slotkin MI 08

○      Haley Stevens MI 11

●      Possibly flip some U.S. House seats with Republican incumbents

●      Build for the presidential and U.S. Senate races in 2024

●      Flip 5 seats in the state house and 4 seats in the senate for a Democratic legislature

Michigan Dems Have Proven They Can Be Highly Effective

Michigan turned blue in 2020 by a significant margin clearly electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, returning Gary Peters to the US Senate and flipping control of the State Supreme Court. They returned 7 US Representatives, including 2 hard fought battle for 2 seats  flipped in 2018. While the rest of the country lost ground in their state legislatures, Michigan broke even, but at the county level, picked up commission seats all over the state. They also made tremendous inroads into school district elections, and now have Democrats on school boards and library boards and on city councils where they had not had any success in decades.


A Potential Game Changer:

Support for Year-Round Organizing by the

Pennsylvania Democratic Party

Our Support in Pennsylvania is progressing well.  Hiring and deployment of Regional Organizing Directors (RODS) is progressing well. And early deployment appears to have helped in PA's 2021 local elections.


So we are moving to support good quality on-the-ground organizing as soon as possible. Like most states, PA succumbs to a "roller coaster" model of election work, with a peak at election time and major fall off for the interim.

But the Wisconsin Democratic Party Neighbor-To-Neighbor model of year-round organizing has proven highly successful at organizing and victories at the polls. We aim to support the PA Dems to gear up this model in conjunction with SPAN (State Party Advancement Network).

If we can move PA to this consistent organizing model to reach out to volunteers and voters in their neighborhoods, we will be in a much better position for crucial victories in 2022.

Some Bright Spots in Virginia

Wins for Wendy Gooditis, Kelly Fowler and Rodney Willett, whom we supported with substantial digital support, and in the case of Wendy, over 4,000 canvassing doors.

Another bright spot is in Stafford County where we canvassed extensively and weighed in heavily at key polls on election day,
encouraging voters with Democratic Sample Ballots,  emphasizing down-ballot races.
Now a coalition of Dems and Dem-Leaning Independents won Board of Supervisors control and a key School Board race

However, disappointing narrow losses for Josh Cole, Nancy Guy, and Alex Askew, who received substantial digital support and in the case of Josh and Nancy, substantial canvassing support as well. Our 5 challengers lost as well - But they may be back to win later on!

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