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Great Canvassing Day for Wendy Gooditis, July 10!

23 Canvassers and 804 Doors!


A Potential Game Changer:

Support for Year-Round Organizing by the

Pennsylvania Democratic Party

 In order to win in PA in 2022, it is critical to deploy good quality on-the-ground organizing as soon as possible. Like most states, PA succumbs to a "roller coaster" model of election work, with a peak at election time and major fall off for the interim.

But the Wisconsin Democratic Party Neighbor-To-Neighbor model of year-round organizing has proven highly successful at organizing and victories at the polls. We aim to support the PA Dems to gear up this model in conjunction with SPAN (State Party Advancement Network).

If we can move PA to this consistent organizing model to reach out to volunteers and voters in their neighborhoods, we will be in a much better position for crucial victories in 2022.


Virginia Digital Support - Fully Underway!

Now is the crucial time for us to achieve great leverage and economies of scale by kick starting Chris Bachman's amazing digital work for House of Delegate candidates:

  • Conduct face-to-face taping sessions candidates 

  • Address key issues based on polling and qualitative research

  • Develop storehouse of footage to produce variety of ads to respond flexibly to arising situations

  • Include about 20 candidates

  • Taping in 3 battleground areas in Virginia has completed

Next 2 phases underway:

  • Production of Biographical Ads on 4 challenger candidates

  • "Democrats Deliver" generic ad production for use in multiple campaigns