2021 Strategy 


  • Support 2021 Virginia odd-year elections, primarily key challenger House of Delegate races. 

  • Build infrastructure for the Key 2022 U.S Senate races, via organizations that do year-round  on-the-ground organizing and voter registration in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and, possibly, Georgia.

  • Seize additional opportunities.

Rationale: Yes, we now have a fantastic, activated new government with Democratic control of the presidency and the Congress. But, we won and now control them by only a hair’s breadth.  Right-wing extremism, fed by a wealthy few and nativist forces, continues to threaten our democracy and ability to address 21st-century needs. Together with like-minded colleagues across the country, we have had a decisive impact. Our only course is continued, sustained, concerted, effective effort. Our 2021 priorities:


Virginia 2021 Elections: We must keep Virginia Blue, both to continue to advance amazing reforms, but also as inspiration for national Democratic efforts in 2022. Our emphasis is on the House of Delegates through a 3-track approach:

  1. Highly targeted fundraising, especially early money for challengers.

  2. Canvassing and other voter outreach in the 3 major regions – NOVA, Richmond suburbs, and Hampton Roads, supporting a combination of incumbents and challengers.

  3. Kickstarting and catalyzing campaign digital voter outreach support.


On-the-Ground (OTG) Grassroots Organizing: Successes in Georgia and Wisconsin in 2020 have shown the value of year-round OTG efforts in building a potent infrastructure for the long term.  Based on the strategic priority of key US Senate seats and other factors in 2022, we will support effective OTG grassroots groups in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and, potentially, Georgia. Our priority will be to enlist support from the 1/3 of the adult age voting population who did not vote in 2020, low propensity voters, via long term outreach and voter registration. We also may find compelling opportunities to support existing Dem Party OTG organizing in the key states.


Other Opportunities for Action: We stay alert for high-leverage opportunities, such as special elections and grassroot organizing, anywhere across the country.

We aim to be flexible, nimble, detail-oriented, evidence-based and targeted, so that, by banding together, we can have the greatest impact.