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Rationale: Yes, we have a fantastic, activated government with Democratic control of the presidency and the Congress - but by only a hair’s breadth.  Right-wing extremism, fed by a wealthy few and nativist forces, continues to threaten our democracy and ability to address 21st-century needs. Together with like-minded colleagues across the country, we had a decisive impact. But our only course is continued, sustained, concerted, effective effort.


We look very hard for opportunities that may be neglected and offer the best investment. Our priorities:


On-the-Ground (OTG) Organizing: Past successes in Georgia and Wisconsin have shown the value of year-round OTG efforts in building a potent infrastructure for the long term. 


State  Democratic Parties. We are very pleased with our success in raising over $900,000 for the PA, MI, NC and GA Dems, which was matched by a similar amount by our partner SPAN (State Party Advancement Network) to hire Regional Organizing Directors toward covering the state. They in turn are organizing volunteer-led teams for year-round on-the-ground organizing. 

On-the-Ground Grassroots Groups. These likewise provide sustained local organizing and support. We have identified key groups in PA, GA and NC for potential support.


Working Class Voters. Working class voters are well over half of all voters - and we are losing them. Reaching out to them, especially with economic messaging is key.  Collaboration with Working America, including participation WA's deep canvassing, recruitment efforts in PA and perhaps elsewhere appears to offer a major opportunity.


Rural Voters. Rural voters are actually the most persuadable voters and there are substantial numbers of Democratic-leaning rural voters who have been neglected in the past.  Winning means "losing by less".  Simple visibility and reaching out is a good start. We will pursue opportunities with rural-based organizations in key states.

Selective Candidate Support. It is very clear that in the main and especially at "Top of Ticket", Democratic candidates now receive more than ample direct campaign funding. Thus, our support for candidates will occur in circumstances of special opportunity, especially early in the cycle, and down ballot.


  • Election "infrastructure" is crucial, especially early in year.

  • Major problems with current approach:

    • "Boom and Bust" cycle around the time of elections

    • Numerous "Siloed" Campaigns

    • Too much dependence on TV, and too late

    • Need for year-round on-the-ground local organizing. ​

  • Thus, we aim to build infrastructure in states with key elections, especially US Senate races, via organizations that do year-round on-the-ground organizing.

    • Support State Party year-round organizing following successful Wisconsin model e.g. PA, NC and MI

    • Grassroots groups in PA, NC and GA

  • Especially look for opportunities toward Working Class and Rural Voters.​

  • Working America's outreach to working class voters appears attractive including for members to engage with "Boots-on-the-Ground" in Pennsylvania.

  • Selective candidate support - Most likely down ballot

We aim to be flexible, nimble, detail-oriented, evidence-based and targeted, to have the greatest impact.

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