31st Street Swing Left Canvassing:

A Great Tool to Get Out the Democratic Vote -- and to Improve Your Mental Health!

Why Canvass?

  • It's a major comparative advantage of Democrats. The many motivated volunteers willing to canvass is one of our key advantages. Our opponents have nowhere near that level of commitment. We really need to maximize that advantage.

  • Democratic candidates can often only win if Democratic-leaning voters also turn out to vote. Canvassing helps to persuade independent voters about the merits of our candidates.

  • It's effective, especially when done well. Face-to-face canvassing by volunteers is one of the most powerful tools available to campaigns.

  • It's interesting and rewarding.  Reaching out and having conversations with different kinds of voters -- even occasionally talking to a Republican -- in varying places is quite interesting and enlightening. And when you feel you have really connected and motivated a voter, it is a terrific feeling.


3 Myths About Canvassing:

  • People will be mean. Actually voters are almost always polite, even if they don't support the candidate for whom you're canvassing.

  • Only extroverts can canvass well. Actually, introverted people are typically very observant and do especially well in 1-1 conversations.

  • Voters are suspicious of "outsiders" coming to talk to them. This issue almost never comes up. Even when it does, the fact that you're canvassing for someone you can't vote for can be an asset: Voters might say, "You came all this way to talk to us...you must feel it is very important."

  • You have to know the issues very deeply. Good campaigns will brief you on a few key issues. Typically all you need is a "one-liner" talking point on a few key issues.

Check out 31st St.'s Guide to Canvassing in our Toolkit to Learn More About Organizing Group Canvasses

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