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Best Donation Opportunities

31st Street is an all-volunteer organization.

We take no funding directly.

We work painstakingly throughout the year to recommend what we think are the best investments to make a difference to elect Democrats.

Time to Take Action for Virginia!

 Keep Youngkin and His MAGA Minions in Check!

Youngkin Even Defends Trump re Trump's Indictment!

Virginia Teeters on the Edge. Currently only a slim Dem majority in the State Senate prevents a Republican Trifecta that could make VA the next Texas. So we have strategically selected the 5 key House and 3 Senate races that hold the outcome.


Donate to our Slate of 9 Here.

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Support TurnUp!

An Amazing Youth-Created 501(c)(3) Organization to Support Voter Registration and Turnout in High Schools and Community Colleges in VA and PA in 2023.

FACT: In 2024, Millennials & Gen Z will be almost 45% of the eligible voting population.

FACT: 8 million young people will turn 18 before the 2024 Presidential election.

Make your tax-deductible contribution to TurnUp Here!

And Check out Additional Ways to Give Here!

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Youth vote highlight box3.jpg

Support Grassroots Groups in Key States for Now and 2024!

In order to be successful both now and in 2024, we need to sustain and nourish on-the-ground groups with ongoing presence.

Our current priority list:

  • Pennsylvania - Make the Road PA

  • Wisconsin - GROWW

  • North Carolina - Make NC First

  • Georgia - Asian American Advocacy Fund

Additional Tax Deductible Funding Option

You Can Vote - Outstanding Voter Registration in NC

Strong track record focusing on voter registration and voter education especially among youth, including high school and college students, and underrepresented groups, with innovative outreach. Tax Deductible.

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