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Best Donation Opportunities

31st Street is an all-volunteer organization.

We take no funding directly.

We work painstakingly throughout the year to recommend what we think are the best investments to make a difference to elect Democrats.

Support Voter Protection in Arizona and Michigan Through DEMpower Labs!


State Democratic Parties have a key role to play in ensuring fair elections.  And we need to strengthen that capacity now to be ready for 2024 in the key swing states of Arizona and Michigan. Winning both key states is essential to blocking Trump and his MAGA minions.

Please join us on Tuesday, May 30th, at 7:00 pm ET.

Featuring DEMpower Director Kim Allen  

Click this link to join.

If that date and time don’t work for you, here is link to contribute through ActBlue

Here is link to fabulous short preview of the event featuring Kim Allen to give you a sense of the importance of the initiative.

Allen Headshot_edited.jpg

Support Grassroots Groups in Key States for Now and 2024!

In order to be successful both now and in 2024, we need to sustain and nourish on-the-ground groups with ongoing presence.

Our current priority list:

  • Pennsylvania - Make the Road PA

  • Wisconsin - GROWW

  • North Carolina - Make NC First

  • Georgia - Asian American Advocacy Fund

Additional Tax Deductible Funding Option

You Can Vote - Outstanding Voter Registration in NC

Strong track record focusing on voter registration and voter education especially among youth, including high school and college students, and underrepresented groups, with innovative outreach. Tax Deductible.

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