31st Street is all volunteer.

We take no funding directly.

We work painstakingly throughout the year to recommend what we think are the best investments that will make a difference.

Michigan Democratic Party -

Year-Round, On-the-Ground Organizing 




In conjunction with our partner SPAN (State Party Advancement Project). Michigan is absolutely critical for 2024 and in 2022 we need to re-elect Governor Whitmer to keep the rogue legislature in check. There are also other state-wide elections, notably the Secretary of State as well as key US House races and legislature races.

The Michigan Dem organizing efforts were highly effective in 2020, but Mi is somewhat off the radar screen and SPAN advises that investment in MI right now would be particularly effective. And SPAN is Matching our Donations!


North Carolina Democratic Party - Voter Protection +  




NC is another crucial state with a vital 2022 US Senate race among other vital races. The NC Dems have strong professional leadership, and are developing a strong year-round, on-the-ground organizing effort as well, which needs expansion. In addition they need support for their voter protection program to reinstate voter registration for purged voters.

SPAN sees NC as another state with great opportunity.

Working America - Multiple Swing States 




An affiliate of AFL-CIO. Reaches out to non-union working families providing education on key issues affecting them, and promoting membership. Members are later provided information on which candidates support the member's concerns. Also major emphasis on deep canvassing, offering collaboration with 31st Street for boots-on-the ground activity, particularly in PA.

Working America is thus addressing the crucial audience of working class voters.  And importantly they have a strong research and evaluation component that demonstrates their success.

You Can Vote - Outstanding Voter Registration in NC


Strong track record focusing on voter registration and voter education especially among youth, including high school and college students, and underrepresented groups, with innovative outreach. Tax Deductible.

CASA in Action - With Focus on Latino Community in PA 




PA's Senate race is rated #1 for Democratic pick up, and has key Governor's race and many others. CASA has 100,000 members, with focus on Pennsylvania to elect progressive leaders supporting immigrants and communities of color.

Pennsylvania has an increasingly large and influential Latino community, providing major opportunity.

New Pennsylvania Project -

Outreach to Communities of Color 


Patterned after the highly successful New Georgia Project. NPP engages and empowers young residents and those living in underrepresented and often neglected communities of color and immigrant communities in Pennsylvania. They register them to vote, provide education about the issues that matter in their neighborhoods, and mobilize people to vote in every election - twice a year Patterned after the highly successful New Georgia Project.

Asian American Advocacy Fund (GA) - AAPI Community 




AAAF is a grassroots social welfare organization dedicated to building a politically-conscious, engaged, and progressive Asian American base in Georgia.  Asian Americans are a crucial and growing component of our Democratic support and competent outreach to them is vital. Georgia is clearly crucial to defend the US Senate seat of Raphael Warnock, and elect Stacey Abrams Governor.

Represent Georgia - Fostering Local Candidates 




Represent Georgia plays a key role in down ballot races and thereby the entire state effort. They recruit, train, coach and support candidates across the state. They also conduct partisan coalition building in support of those candidates. Wide success in 2021 GA municipal elections is testimony to the value of this effort.