2017 Virginia. We actively supported key House of Delegate races across the state and helped to almost flip the the House. We won 15 seats, going from 66-R, 34-D, to 51-R, 49-D.  Even though that did not reach a Democratic majority, there were enough supportive Republicans to pass Medicaid expansion.

2018 U.S. House Races. Aiming for a decisive win, we supported 12 "sweet spot" House races early on.  That contributed significantly to the decisive 40 seat win that served as a huge major progressive force and restraint on Trump and Trumpism.

2019 Virginia.  Again focusing on key VA House and Senate faces, with early money and strong voter outreach, we contributed significantly to turning the entire VA legislature Blue!

Candidate Selection. We support "Sweet Spot" races -

Not those most likely or little likely to win, but with a decent shot to win. We connect with them and monitor them over time and shift support when it makes sense.

   Our Efforts in the GA Runoffs were Rewarded!

Our support for the Georgia Alliance for Progress (GAP) paid off handsomely, especially with our Priority of Canvassing

  • GAP partners knocked over 10 Million Doors!

  • With almost 3 Million doorstep conversations!

  • Our financial support was over $211,000. 

Our support to NAACP in South GA also Paid Off

  • Our aim was to cut Perdue and Loeffler margin in 15 red counties, where virtually no one else was working.

  • It worked! Perdue's margin was reduced by 2.3% and over 13,500 votes vs the general election.

  • Ossoff's margin averaged 0.7% better than Biden's.

  • Our financial support was $78,000.

Successful Funding for Democratic

Candidates & Mobilization

  • 2017 $115,000 for VA Legislature

  • 2018 $1,024,000 for US House and Senate

  • 2019 $309,000 for VA Legislature

  • 2020 $3,850,000 for GA, PA, NC, IA and WI

Good Bye to Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader!