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September 8, 7PM

Canvassing Orientation/Strategy Session

Zoom Link:


September 10, 10 AM

One-day Canvass in South Central PA


September 18, 4pm

Monthly Meeting (New Member Orientation at 3:30pm)

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September 21, 7pm

Fundraiser for NC


October 16, 4 pm

Last Monthly Meeting Prior to Election Day (New Member Orientation at 3:30pm)

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֍ 9 intrepid canvassers on sunshiny August 13 in Shiremanstown, PA, knocked on 485 doors, recruited 5 volunteers, and planted 13 yard signs!


֍ Phone banking?


֍ Our devoted members have written 550 letters to working class voters in swing states! They are participating in a Working America project that has a goal of sending 1,000,000 letters to AZ, GA, MI, MN, NV, NC, OH, PA, and WI, focusing on health care, worker pay and affordable housing.

Join the effort here:


֍ At our fundraiser for GA, guest speakers Karen Davenport, Delinda Gaskins and Aisha Yaqoob Mahmood inspired us to raise a whopping $93,000!!!




Ѫ At the GA information session on August 9, …


Ѫ At our monthly meeting on August 21, we met legislative candidates from PA and NC -- Christine Kelly, NC House District 37, Wake County, and Melissa Cerrato, PA House District 151, Montgomery County.




Barbara and I knocked on the door of a woman who was happy to talk to people who shared her concerns for the country and the critical nature of the upcoming mid-term election. She told us that she and three neighbors who had Biden-Harris signs on their lawns in 2020 woke up the morning after Thanksgiving to find their tires slashed. “Our neighbors did that!” she told us. Barbara and I commiserated with her. We told her there are people in her neighborhood who share her concerns, flaunt lawn signs and volunteer for the Dems. When she asked where we live, we didn’t shy away from telling her we were from the Washington, DC, area. (We knew what to say because we had attended the Thursday orientation and watched the training video!) Much to our surprise, she reacted with instantaneous amazement, almost to the point of tears. “Let me shake your hand and thank you!” she said, adding that she might help register some people. --Erich


Jack and I knocked on the door of a man who thought voting was futile. After the two of us double-teamed him on the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act on drug costs and how the legislation was enacted only because we had barely enough Democrats to pass it, he admitted that he really didn't know these things and that ordinary people didn't know, either. He said knowing makes a difference to him. He accepted a voter registration application from us, how to fill it out, and promised that he “would really consider it." I count that as a win!  --Michal

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