PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro and Jim Shelton

Discuss Year-Round Canvassing Inititiative

Moving on to Supporting Infrastructure Through Grassroots Groups 
Having reached our goal of $350,000 for the PA Dems we have now shifted to impactful PA Grassroots Groups

In selecting grassroots groups, we select those that are up and coming, strategically positioned, and where additional funds can have significant impact. Thus our choices for PA:

Make the Road PA effectively reaches out to Latino and working class voter is PA.  Key activities are voter registration, education and mobilization. 

PA is of course crucial to 2022 outcomes statewide, but in addition their area of focus includes 2 very pivotal US House races and key state legislature races as well.

Asian Pacific Islander Political Alliance has the mission of building power through political, electoral and legislative work.  They effectively reach out to 15 AAPI communities in PA, including those that are not yet well politically connected.

Working America, an affiliate of AFL-CIO, has a highly effective approach to reaching out to working class voters.  PA is a priority for them.  We plan to help them with boots on the ground in PA though deep canvassing to recruit members and follow up.

Pennsylvania is absolutely crucial for 2022:

  • Open US Senate Seat

  • Governor's Race

  • 5 Key US House Seats

  • State Legislature

  • PA Supreme Court

  • Preparation for 2024!