PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro and Jim Shelton

Discuss Year-Round Canvassing Inititiative

Game Changer in Crucial Pennsylvania

Through Support to PA Democratic Party for

Year-Round On-the-Ground Organizing

 In order to win in PA in 2022, it is critical to deploy good quality on-the-ground organizing as soon as possible. Like most states, PA succumbs to a "roller coaster" model of election work, with a peak of activity at election time and major fall off for the interim.

A highly effective new model is the Wisconsin Democratic Party Neighbor-To-Neighbor model of year-round organizing.  It has proven e highly successful, leading to many victories at the polls in recent years.

We are supporting the PA Dems to gear up this model in conjunction with SPAN  (State Party Advancement Network).


Our Goal is $350,000 and SPAN is matching everything we raise on top of that! 

Pennsylvania is absolutely crucial for 2022:

  • Open US Senate Seat

  • Governor's Race

  • 5 Key US House Seats

  • State Legislature

  • PA Supreme Court

  • Preparation for 2024!