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Reactive/Disruptive Approaches to

Counter MAGA Media









These organizations organize direct responses by individuals/groups to discrete instances of misinformation, scale messaging (“getting louder,” “building our own megaphone,” or becoming “information warriors”), and/or equip individuals to assess the validity of information.


  • DemCast – Through frequent text and social media notifications, motivates and supports a variety of forms of social media messaging and counter-messaging by tens of thousands of activists. 

  • Become an ad hoc “Biden Booster” by subscribing to a weekly digest of White House-generated social media you can post. Look at the bottom of this web page

  • Indivisible Truth Brigade – Several thousand volunteers trained and supported by national Indivisible to counter-message on trending misinformation topics. 

  • Civic Listening Corps – Volunteer network of individuals trained to report misinformation on diverse topics such as elections, public health, civil rights. The work is based on use of Junkipedia, a technology platform that enables collection of data from across a full spectrum of digital communication platforms.

  • Disinformation Defense League - League of organizations with a professional staff that warns of racialized disinformation campaigns and provides counter-messaging advice. 

  • Truth Tuesdays - Every Tuesday, holds New York City demonstrations against Fox “News.” 

  • FactsFirstUSA - New bipartisan group attempting to ensure that national discourse is grounded in facts and an honest debate. 

  • Real Voices Media -  Gives people the skills to stay in touch with their personal networks on social media, and to share stories with their neighbors, friends and family. 

  • “News literacy” education programs that “inoculate” those encountering misinformation.  A program has just been mandated for New Jersey schools and one is already being used in Finland.

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