Electing Democrats Through Persistence and Precision
Our mission is to elect Democrats to state legislatures, U.S. Congress, and the Presidency. We are a volunteer grassroots group, based in DC, MD, and VA, strategically supporting progressive candidates.



Focus: "infrastructure" support to State Parties and Grassroots Groups

We Work Hard Every Day to Find the Best Investments for

Victory in November

Our Best Picks for Your 2022 Donations

Our Highest Recommendations are Grassroots Groups in Our Priority States.

Current Top Priority - 2 Amazing Grassroots Groups

in the Must-win State of North Carolina

  • Down Home North Carolina. United to build the power and raise the voices of working people in small-town and rural NC to take action on key issues and shape a democracy that serves working people. 


Dreama Caldwell, Executive Director

  • Siembra NC works to organize Latinx communities in North Carolina to fight back against injustice and WIN. We are working to promote Latinx participation in our democratic processes. We believe in building a North Carolina PARA TODXS, and we know we will get there knocking one door at a time. 


Kelly Morales, Executive Director


Chris Deluzio - Our Outstanding Candidate for Key PA

US House Race - District 17

This is an Open Seat Being Vacated by Conor Lamb

A Truly Competitive Race Rated D+1 by 538

Supporting Chris will Help Shapiro and Fetterman

Listen to Recent Robert Hubbell Podcast

About 31st Street Featuring 

Lisa Herrick and Jim Shelton

2022 31st St. Strategy in a Nutshell

  • Election "infrastructure" is crucial, especially early in year

  • Major issues with the standard approach:

    • "Boom and Bust" cycle around the time of elections

    • Siloed campaigns; disjointed & uncoordinated efforts

    • Too much, and too late, dependence on TV

    • Failing to organize locally, year-round & on-the-ground

  • We build infrastructure in states with key elections, especially US Senate races, via organizations that do year-round, on-the-ground organizing.

    • Support State Party year-round organizing following successful Wisconsin model e.g. PA, NC and MI

    • Grassroots groups in PA, NC and GA

  • Especially look for opportunities to reach working class and rural voters​

  • Working America's outreach to working class voters appears attractive, including for members to engage with voters in Pennsylvania

  • Very selective candidate support where our dollars will be most effective

Our strategy is flexible, nimble, detail-oriented,

evidence-based, and targeted.

By banding together, we can have

the greatest impact.

31st Street Swing Left Focus States for 2022

Priorities are PA, NC, GA, & MI
With a close "eye" on key US Senate races in WI, AZ, OH, NV, & NH 
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Upcoming Events


Next Membership Meeting, June 26, 2022

  • New Member Orientation - 3:30 PM ET​

  • Everyone - 4 PM ET

Successful Fundraising 

2017-$115,000 for VA Legislature
     2018-$1,024,000 for US House and Senate
     2019-$309,000 for VA Legislature
     2020-$3,850,000 for GA,PA,NC,IA & WI
2021-$1,032,000 mainly for PA,VA & MI
2022-Over $900,000 so far mainly - PA,NC,GA,&MI