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31st Street Swing Left

Winning State Legislatures, the U.S. House, Senate

and the White House

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We are motivated, ordinary people in the DC, MD, VA area who came together in early 2017 to win elections.  We believe our efforts were highly effective in the Blue Wave in 2017 Virginia, winning the U.S. House in 2018 and in 2019 in winning control of both the Virginia House and Senate. 

We are over 600 members. Join us! 

Email us at 31stStreetSwingLeft@Gmail.com 

Alert!! Special Election for PA House District 58 - March 17!!

Robert Prah is a lifelong resident of the 58th District. His life-long commitment to public service and 18-year career in the U.S. military has taught him how to address concerns, find solutions, lead with integrity and get things done. He is director of Military and Veterans Affairs at California University of Pennsylvania. He served as mayor of Smithton, from 2006-2009.  Robert is a vigorous advocate for education, economic growth, public safety and practical and effective approaches to the opioid epidemic.

A very strong candidate and fit for his district.  Winning this seat will be a great step toward winning the PA House!

Other Current Funding Priorities

  • George Scott - George is a wonderful candidate in Pennsylvania State Senate15. This is our chance to help flip the PA Senate Blue with crucial early funding and help the statewide effort to beat Donald Trump in must-win PA!

  • You Can Vote - Fantastic North Carolina organization devoted to voter registration and mobilization. Contributions are Tax deductible! 

2020 "Bottom-Up" 2-Pillar Strategy

in Selected Battleground States 

  • Voter registration through support to effective on-the-ground organizations and selective direct boots-on-the-ground efforts by our members.

  • Selective state legislature races with potential to flip a legislature, where such local efforts can contribute significantly to help statewide US Senate and Presidency efforts in those states through a “reverse coattails” effect.


State priorities are North Carolina and Pennsylvania and others TBD very selectively, as opportunity arises.


Later in the election cycle we will also engage in more traditional voter outreach, especially canvassing, with an emphasis on low-turnout voters.


We will remain alert to opportunities that may arise for races where our support may provide significant leverage.

  • Voter Registration - Key to 2020. Published in Daily Kos

Watch our video about our history and mission

Next Meeting:

March 1, 2020

Location: Westmoreland UCC Church

1 Westmoreland Circle

Bethesda, MD 20816

  • 1:30 PM - New Member Orientation

  • 2:00 PM - 4 PM - Main Meeting

Successful Funding for Democratic Candidates

  • 2017 $115,000 for VA Legislature

  • 2018 $1,024,000 for US House 

  • 2019 $309,000 for VA Legislature

Key Winning VA House Candidates With Major 31st St. Support in 2019

Clint  Jenkins HD 76

Wendy Gooditis HD 10

Kelly Fowler HD 21

Nancy Guy HD 83

Josh Cole HD 28

Alex Askew HD 85

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Come canvass with us!

A win for the candidates and a win for your spirits!

Never canvassed before?  No worries - we will train and support you.

Next Canvass: Watch this space for details on our next canvass in 2020

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Fundraising and Canvassing Guides!!

Our April Celebration on the Hill with 8 Outstanding New US House Members We Helped Elect in 2018