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31st Street Swing Left

Winning State Legislatures, the U.S. House, Senate

and the White House

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We are motivated, ordinary people in the DC, MD, VA area who came together in early 2017 to win elections.  We carefully select winnable "sweet spot" races - neither those highly likely to win nor those with little chance of winning, focusing on fundraising and canvassing. We believe our efforts were highly effective in the Blue Wave in 2017 Virginia and in winning the U.S. House in 2018. We are around 400 members. Join us! 

Email us at 31stStreetSwingLeft@Gmail.com 

Total Raised for VA Legislature Candidates:

$263,000+! (As of Nov 7, 2019)

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A win for the candidates and a win for your spirits!

Never canvassed before?  No worries - we will train and support you.

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Key Winning VA House Candidates With Major 31st St. Support in 2019

Clint  Jenkins HD 76

Wendy Gooditis HD 10

Kelly Fowler HD 21

Nancy Guy HD 83

Josh Cole HD 28

Alex Askew HD 85

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Fundraising and Canvassing Guides!!

Our April Celebration on the Hill with 8 Outstanding New US House Members We Helped Elect in 2018