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Our mission is to elect Democrats to state legislatures, the U.S. Congress, and the Presidency. We are a volunteer grassroots group, based in DC, MD, and VA,
strategically supporting progressive infrastructure and candidates.

 Over $11 Million Raised Since 2017!



Focus: "infrastructure" support to State Parties and Grassroots Groups



Click arrow to see our map of primary & secondary priority states.

Our Best Picks for Your 2024 Donations​​

Thank You So Much for Your Support for Our

 Arizona and Ohio Grassroots Groups

We Greatly Exceeded Our $320,000 Goal!!


Now On to Support State Legislatures in 

Pennsylvania and North Carolina!

 State Legislature Races - Vitally Important

  • Stong St. Legislature Candidates and Campaigns turn out supportive voters for the Presidency and other key up-ballot candidates!

  • State Legislatures are directly so important for countering gerrymandering and voter suppression, preserving abortion rights and so much more!

Our Goal of $280,000 will give each of them a big lift!

NC 2024 Legislative Slate.png

Support Our Selected Tax-Deductible Groups that Register and Educate Voters and Advocate for Key Issues.

Program Priorities for 2024

Infrastructure Building for the Longer Term:

  • Combatting the right-wing propaganda machine

  • Grassroots groups organizing on the ground

  • State Democratic Parties

  • Voter Registration 



Presidency, US Senate & House, plus many down-ballot & other races. ​

We will be highly strategic, focused & opportunistic.

US Map, 2024, Lower 48 states w 3 blues, key, state initials & title rev 4-2-24 2.jpg

31st Street Strategy, in a Nutshell

  • Election "infrastructure" is crucial.

  • Major issues with the standard approach of many other organizations:

    • "Boom and Bust" cycle around the time of elections

    • Siloed campaigns; disjointed & uncoordinated efforts

    • Too much, and too late, dependence on TV

    • Failing to organize locally year-round & on-the-ground

  • We build infrastructure in states with key elections, especially US Senate races, via organizations that do year-round, on-the-ground organizing.

    • Support State Party year-round organizing following successful Wisconsin model e.g. PA, NC and MI

    • Grassroots groups in PA, NC and GA

  • We especially look for opportunities to reach working class and rural voters​.

  • Working America's outreach to working class voters appears attractive, including for members to engage with voters in Pennsylvania.

  • We provide very selective candidate support where our dollars will be most effective.

Watch our Canvassing Training Video,

Developed in Collaboration with Turn PA Blue

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robert hubbell image.jpg

Listen to Robert Hubbell's podcast

about 31st Street Swing Left,

featuring Lisa Herrick and Jim Shelton

Our strategy is flexible, nimble, detail-oriented,

evidence-based, and targeted.

By banding together, we can have

the greatest impact.

Upcoming Events


Next Membership Meeting:

July 21 at 4PM ET, New Member Orientation 3:30 PM

Next Canvass:

July 13 For Janelle Stelson in Harrisburg

Future Canvass Dates July 27, Aug 10 and 24, Sept 7

Successful Fundraising 

     2017-$115,000 for VA Legislature
     2018-$1,024,000 for US House and Senate
     2019-$309,000 for VA Legislature
     2020-$3,850,000 for GA,PA,NC,IA&WI
2021-$1,032,000 mainly: PA,VA&MI
2022-Over $2,331,000 mainly: PA,NC,GA,MI&VA

2023 - Over $1,050,000 mainly for VA,PA,WI,AZ&MI
2024 - Over $1,600,000 mainly for PA,NC,MT,MI,AZ,OH&WI

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