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31st Street Swing Left

Winning State Legislatures, the U.S. House, Senate

and the White House

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2020 Strategic Priorities!

Paramount of course is electing a Democratic President and Senate.  But thankfully Dems across the country are donating big time to all highly visible races. So 31st St  "bottom up" approach has 2 pillars where additional support will make a big difference. 1) Voter registration and 2) Very strategic legislature races in key battleground states like North Carolina.

This provides support up and down the entire Dem ticket!

Our Carolina Blue Super Legislature Candidates

Emily Nicholson


Brian Farkas


Nicole Quick


Frances Jackson


Aimy Steele


Tess Judge


Allen Wellons


Terri LeGrand


Adam Ericson


North Carolina Digital Ad Support

The coronavirus pandemic and shutdown of normal campaign activities has intensified the need for digital ads to introduce candidates on social media.  Digital ads are relatively inexpensive and can be targeted to slices of voters in any given legislative district e.g. low-frequency voters, women voters with children, voters of color.  We have a partner who can produce quality ads inexpensively!


Our plan for phase 1

  • Ten 6-second “name recognition” ads, one for each candidate in our NC slate.

  • Ten 30-second “bio” ads, one for each candidate in the slate.

  • One 30-second ad featuring the entire slate that highlights the implications of Democratic victories at the state and federal levels


Wisconsin’s “Neighbor to Neighbor” Program

Wisconsin is an absolutely crucial swing state to win the Presidency. After Democrats lost the 2016 Presidential race in Wisconsin by a razor-thin 0.7% margin, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin put boots on the ground early.  Starting with the midterm elections, DPW built all-volunteer neighborhood teams that canvassed in rural, suburban, and urban areas in 67 of the state’s 72 counties. Over 200 teams cover every corner of Wisconsin, knocking on more than well over a million doors in 2018.  That effort was partly responsible for the amazing Democratic sweep in statewide elections in 2018.


The key to Neighbor to Neighbor are paid field organizers, who organize volunteer teams who live in the community.  Because the volunteers speak to voters in the communities in which they themselves live, they are viewed as trusted and effective messengers.  This model of building neighborhood teams year after year represents a breakthrough in voter contact that could win 2020.

Neighbor to Neighbor needs to hire field organizers for the 2020 election and that is what 31st Street is supporting.

Field Team 6

  • Field Team 6  is an outstanding voter registration organization working in key battleground states across the country. Uses highly productive partisan approach to voter registration. In the current situation with restricted ability to interact with potential new voters in person, Field Team 6 is shifting toward phone and digital means for outreach.

2020 "Bottom-Up" 2-Pillar Strategy

in Selected Battleground States 

  • Voter registration through support to effective on-the-ground organizations and selective direct boots-on-the-ground efforts by our members.

  • Selective state legislature races with potential to flip a legislature, where such local efforts can contribute significantly to help statewide US Senate and Presidency efforts in those states through a “reverse coattails” effect.


State priorities are North Carolina and Pennsylvania and others TBD very selectively, as opportunity arises.


Later in the election cycle we will also engage in more traditional voter outreach, especially canvassing, with an emphasis on low-turnout voters.


We will remain alert to opportunities that may arise for races where our support may provide significant leverage.

  • Voter Registration - Key to 2020. Published in Daily Kos

We are motivated, ordinary people in the DC, MD, VA area who came together in early 2017 to win elections.  We believe our efforts were highly effective in the Blue Wave in 2017 Virginia, winning the U.S. House in 2018 and in 2019 in winning control of both the Virginia House and Senate. 

We are over 700 members. Join us! 

Email us at 31stStreetSwingLeft@Gmail.com 

Watch our video about our history and mission

Next Meeting:

April 26, 2020

Virtual Meeting via Zoom!

  • 1:30 PM - New Member Orientation

  • 2:00 PM - 4 PM - Main Meeting

Following Meeting Dates: May 31, June 28, July 26

Successful Funding for Democratic Candidates

  • 2017 $115,000 for VA Legislature

  • 2018 $1,024,000 for US House and Senate

  • 2019 $309,000 for VA Legislature

  • 2020 $182,000 so far!

Check out our ToolKit with 

Fundraising and Canvassing Guides!!

Our April 2019 Celebration on the Hill with 8 Outstanding New US House Members We Helped Elect in 2018