Electing Democrats Through Persistence and Precision
Our mission is to elect Democrats to state legislatures, U.S. Congress, and the Presidency. We are a volunteer grassroots group, based in DC, MD, and VA,
strategically supporting progressive candidates.



Focus: "infrastructure" support to State Parties and Grassroots Groups




Our Best Picks for Your 2022 Donations​​

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Grassroots Groups in Our Priority States

Current Top Priority -

Three Amazing Grassroots Groups

in the Must-Win State of Georgia

  • Asian American Advocacy Fund. A grassroots social welfare organization dedicated to building a politically-conscious, engaged and progressive Asian-American base in Georgia. 

  • DeKalb County Democrats. DeKalb County is Georgia's "blue wall."  We will continue to elect Democrats up and down the ballot, emphasizing a robust and energetic ground game.

  • Bulloch County NAACP. Making a difference each and every day with people who stand for justice and equality.

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Karen Davenport,

Vice Chair for GOTV


Delinda Gaskins,

Executive Director

Aisha Yaqoob Mahmood,

Executive Director

Retain Democratic Control of the US House With Strategic Donations



Avoid the Disaster of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House!  


Despite our thin majority, we have a decent shot to keep control by investing smartly now. We have carefully selected 6 pivotal competitive House races on the cusp of success, where additional support can make a difference. 


  • All vigorous new-blood candidates

  • All in competitive districts according to 538

  • Average cash-on-hand only about ⅓ of their opponent’s as of June 30.

  • Such early money is especially important right now for effective impact.

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Pennsylvania State

House of Representatives Slate

With New Fair Districts, He Have a Chance to Flip the

PA State House!


Carefully selected for overall potential to flip the PA House, need for money, and ability to help up-ballot races via reverse coattails effect.

PA Legislative Slate horizontal 08-12-22.jpg

North Carolina StateLegislature Slate

Carefully selected to protect Governor Cooper's veto, need for money, and ability to help up-ballot races including Cheri Beasley, and the vitsl Democratic majority Supreme Court.

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About 31st Street

Featuring Lisa Herrick and Jim Shelton

31st Street Strategy, in a Nutshell

  • Election "infrastructure" is crucial.

  • There are major issues with the standard approach used by many other organizations:

    • "Boom and Bust" cycle around the time of elections

    • Siloed campaigns; disjointed & uncoordinated efforts

    • Too much, and too late, dependence on TV

    • Failing to organize locally year-round & on-the-ground

  • We build infrastructure in states with key elections, especially US Senate races, via organizations that do year-round, on-the-ground organizing.

    • Support State Party year-round organizing following successful Wisconsin model e.g. PA, NC and MI

    • Grassroots groups in PA, NC and GA

  • We especially look for opportunities to reach working class and rural voters​.

  • Working America's outreach to working class voters appears attractive, including for members to engage with voters in Pennsylvania.

  • We provide very selective candidate support where our dollars will be most effective.

Our strategy is flexible, nimble, detail-oriented,

evidence-based, and targeted.

By banding together, we can have

the greatest impact.

31st Street Swing Left Focus States for 2022

Priorities are PA, NC, GA, & MI
With a close "eye" on key US Senate races in WI, AZ, OH, NV, & NH 
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Upcoming Events


Next Membership Meeting, Aug 21, 2022

  • New Member Orientation - 3:30 PM ET​

  • Everyone - 4 PM ET

Successful Fundraising 

2017-$115,000 for VA Legislature
     2018-$1,024,000 for US House and Senate
     2019-$309,000 for VA Legislature
     2020-$3,850,000 for GA,PA,NC,IA & WI
2021-$1,032,000 mainly for PA,VA & MI
2022-Over $1,200,000 so far, mainly for PA,NC,GA,&MI