Electing Democrats Through Persistence and Precision
Our mission is to elect democrats to state legislatures, U.S. Congress, and the Presidency. We are a volunteer grassroots group, based in DC, MD, and VA, strategically supporting progressive candidates.


 Kicking Into High Gear with VA Digital Video Voter Outreach!
Now that we are commencing early voting and have made provided significant support to specific campaigns, it is time move ahead with Digital!

Currently with our partner, Our States Matter we are producing and deploying short videos through means such as social media and streaming TV, short highly targeted ads, notably:

In our view, these videos targeted to specific voters in high priority districts are the best investment toward winning the House of Delegates and the Governor's race in Virginia.




Come Canvass with Us!

Enjoy the Comradery, the voter contact and the impact.

We will train you.

Oct. 23 - for Wendy Gooditis. Facilitator: George Hastings

Oct. 30/31 - GOTV Weekend VA Beach. For Nancy Guy. Facilitator: George Wyeth

Support our Terrific Slate

of VA House of Delegate Challengers!

Supporting Them Also Supports

the Governor and Other State-Wide Races

We have Raised $125,000 for them so far 

for a Good Kick Start

31st Street Swing Left's VA Legislative Slate for 2021.jpg

We Hit Our Goal of $350,000 for PA!!

It will be a Game Changer for Pennsylvania 
Through Support to PA Democratic Party for

Year-Round On-the-Ground Organizing 
SPAN-The State Party Advancement Network 
matched all the money we raised!!
Organizing the Organizing is underway. 



Beginning with VA 2021 elections and building grass roots infrastructure for 2022 and beyond

We beat Trump and saved our Democracy.

Now, we have to defeat Trumpism. 

Since 2017, we have worked to win races in key swing districts and states.

  • We must protect and expand on these hard-won gains.

  • In for the long-term, we must repudiate Trumpism at the ballot box.

  • We support year-round local organizational action and progressive messaging.

  • Using advanced analysis to determine maximum effect for effort and funds, 31st Street promotes and assists candidates in tight races in key states.

Rogue Women_assembling_2_cr.jpeg
Biden celebration_cr.jpeg

Our strategy is flexible, nimble, detail-oriented, evidence-based

and targeted, so that, by banding together, we can have

the greatest impact.

Upcoming Events


  • Election Watch: Nov 2, 7:30 PM ET

  • Next Membership Meeting, Nov 14

    • New Member Orientation - 1:30 PM ET​

    • Everyone - 2 PM ET

  • Canvass for Nancy Guy VA Beach, Oct 30,31

31st Street Swing Left Focus for 2021

Priorities are PA, VA, NC & GA
(With a close "eye" on key US Senate races in WI, AZ, OH & NH) 

Successful Fundraising for
Democratic Candidates
and Voter Mobilization

2017-$115,000 for VA Legislature
     2018-$1,024,000 for US House and Senate
     2019-$309,000 for VA Legislature
     2020-$3,850,000 for GA,PA,NC,IA and WI
2021- $750,000+ so far for PA and VA