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More on Courier  Newsroom Operations

The "Content Organizing" that 31st St. is supporting in Pennsylvania (more on this initiative here) is powered by Courier Newsroom reporting and distribution.


Founded in 2019, Courier is a network of newsrooms in 10 (mainly battleground) states: AZ, FL, IA, MI, NC, NV,NH, PA, VA and WI. Each newsroom has a team of reporters that produces a mix of lifestyle, human interest and political news, all anchored in what directly affects the lives of state residents. Courier news is free and posted in social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube) and also in newsletters emailed to subscribers. Courier stories are increasingly picked up by other outlets, local to international, as well as by Democratic campaigns and elected officials.

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Courier openly labels itself “pro-democacy,” which may lead to concern by some that it is “pro-Democrat” and therefore not a balanced news source. But Courier news is always factual. We believe it is totally appropriate to advance accurate news that represents democratic values in the midst of the plethora of right-wing biased news so prevalent in the media. As Stephen Colbert once said:  “Reality has a well known liberal bias.”



Courier’s “secret sauce” is its strategy to produce the mix of news that helps it become a trusted news source to “passive news consumers” (increasingly young voters) and low information voters who don’t have much appetite for news, don’t trust conventional authorities, and won’t pay for news. Studies that Courier conducts on its own work indicate that this approach is working to help readers better understand how they can best vote their values by voting for Democrats. 


Perusing a selection of Courier stories of different types is the best way to get a concrete sense of its media strategy. To help, 31st St. has created a graphic tour of Courier Newsroom operations that includes posts and links to rigorous studies of Courier’s impact! This tour will give you a sense of how Courier treats stories as varied from Michigan’s abortion regulations to the funniest rejected license plates in Arizona. Access the tour at the button below:

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